Can Egg Donation Trigger Infertility

Egg donation is critical, particularly within the case of early ovarian failure, a major threat of genetic illness, and broken oocytes.

Can egg donation be harmful for the donor regardless of being a real present for the recipient?

Let’s learn extra to search out out.

The infertility dangers in the course of the stimulation interval 

follicule stimulation

The method of donating eggs begins with ovulation stimulation

Ovulation could be induced in a number of follicles on the identical time utilizing hormone injections, whereas it happens naturally in a single follicle. 

As a result of every lady reacts in another way to the stimulation, the primary threat related to the oocytes comes into play right here.

 The first hazard is overstimulation. Throughout this time, the egg donor undergoes common ultrasound scans to evaluate the dimensions and variety of maturing follicles. In instances of overstimulation, the ache is regularly extreme, and problems could necessitate hospitalization. 

Good monitoring, then again, vastly reduces this threat, and full information of this doable aspect impact of the stimulation interval retains docs alert and completely able to managing hyperstimulation. 

The dangers related to the puncture


As soon as The follicles are mature, and ovulation has occurred; the oocytes should now be extracted. A small surgical intervention is required to insert a probe and a “vacuum” to gather the oocytes. 

Even when the operation is only some minutes lengthy, it nonetheless necessitates some native anaesthesia or hypnosis and carries the identical dangers as another operation, irrespective of how minor: ovarian abscess, vaginal bleeding. All of this heals extraordinarily properly.

Slight infertility dangers of egg donation

egg donation infertility risks

Usually, the donor’s signs from the hormone drug are minimal and just like or barely extra intense than these skilled throughout menstruation.

This ovarian stimulation drug is self-administered by the donor herself by way of subcutaneous injections into the stomach. The commonest unwanted effects are the next:

  • Adjustments in temper or character.
  • Slight swelling and / or discomfort within the stomach space on account of punctures.
  • Slight enhance in physique weight.
  • Legs are somewhat heavy.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Fatigue.

Suggestions for egg donors to keep away from infertility


It’s regular to have many doubts in the beginning of the egg donation course of. It’s crucial {that a} specialist focus on the potential advantages and disadvantages of the donation and tackle all the future donor’s issues.

The donation course of have to be began with absolute conviction and determination on the a part of the donor.

As soon as hormonal stimulation has begun, it’s important that the donor inform the medical employees of the signs she is experiencing throughout therapy.

The data can forestall severe penalties comparable to the event of hormonal problems. Because of this, professionals insist that donors come to the clinic in case of extreme signs or intense discomfort.

Can egg donation trigger infertility?

egg donation

It doesn’t. The endless ovarian cycle follows a girl all through her life, even earlier than she has menstruation. 

About three months earlier than the 14-day cycle, also referred to as the menstrual cycle, begins, the lady prompts a few of the 1000’s of dormant microscopic follicles in her ovary (primordial follicles). These activated follicles grow to be antral follicles, which is able to interact in a fierce battle for ovulation.

All, or almost all, antral follicles are stimulated by ovarian stimulation in order that they will mature and be extracted by way of puncture. Apart from one, all of those oocytes would have been drawn right into a pure cycle.

Due to this fact, IVF and egg donation don’t trigger early menopause, simply as taking contraceptives doesn’t make it seem later.

Does egg donation shorten a girl’s fertility interval?


Donating eggs doesn’t cut back a girl’s fertility. A girl is born with a set variety of eggs, that are misplaced with every cycle. Just a few are helpful, that are mature, whereas the remaining are naturally eradicated.

Just one egg cell matures (generally extra) throughout a fertile lady’s menstrual cycle, in comparison with numerous oocytes (10-20) that may naturally degenerate. 

The therapy for egg donation is to stimulate the donor’s ovaries with hormonal medicine, inflicting extra follicles to develop and thus mature into extra eggs that may in any other case be misplaced on account of atresia.

Thus, by recovering oocytes that may in any other case be naturally eradicated, we’re not affecting the fertility or ovarian reserve of the ladies who need to donate the oocytes.


In any case, it’s apparent that egg donation doesn’t preclude the donor from changing into pregnant. 

A puncture permits for the gathering of roughly ten oocytes. Even after menopause, a wholesome lady with no fertility points has a number of hundred eggs in reserve (even when they won’t mature naturally).